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Abraham Maslow theory of motivation

People do things for certain motives. Abraham Maslow with his theory of motivation identifies different stages and forms of motives which will motivate people in different stages of their lives. This theory also presents a relationship between these needs. These needs are presented in a hierarchy. The higher level needs will be activated when the lower level needs are satisfied according to Maslow. The figure below presents the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.





Abraham Maslow theory

The lowest level of need for anyone is known as Physiological needs. This represents the requirement for food, shelter, water etc. certainly anyone can not exists without fulfilling these primary requirements. When people have a requirement falls into this category they are motivated with for that. For an example if someone is in hunger he will be motivated for food.

When people satisfy their need for these basic stuff in life, they can no longer be motivated with them. People can be motivated with the safety needs of these people. That is people will be motivated for the consistency and safety. For an example when people have a job and when they can get food and shelter and other basic needs, they will look for the job security. Maslow explains this as the safety need.

When people feel secure and their basics are sorted out they want to be in groups and they develop their need for affiliation. Here people will be motivated with good neighborhood, friends and family.

According to Abraham Maslow, people would like to be respected. This is may be why people go for politics and social services after they feel they have achieved things they want to achieve personally. This is known as esteem needs of people.

Everyone has a dream in theory life. This is the ultimate expectation of people. This will be highly subjective and will be different to person to person. This will motivate people when they achieve the esteem need. This is called the self actualization need.

When it comes to business, it is important to understand what people want before we try to motivate them. This theory gives good guideline to this. For an example, people will not be motivated with money after they feel they have fulfilled their requirements which can be fulfilled with money. Then they should be motivated with other means.

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Maslow Theory

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