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Free lean manufacturing book

FREE ebook "Lean Manufacturing Basics" is one of the ,most useful lean manufacturing resources available online. This book is designed by Me (Aza Badurdeen) to give you a comprehensive knowledge on lean manufacturing and closely related topics. Step by step and simple explanation techniques will make enjoy in reading. Most of these explanations are assisted with diagrams to easily understand. Enter your email and Name in the form below and Press the Download E-Book Button NOW!.

Free lean manufacturing book

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What are the topics covered in the FREE ebook "lean manufacturing basics"

  • Lean manufacturing history
  • Basic lean manufacturing principles
  • Manufacturing Wastes
    • Over production
    • Waiting
    • Work In Progress (WIP)
    • Transportation
    • Inappropriate processing
    • Excess motion or ergonomic problems
    • Defected products
    • Underutilization of employees
    • Can all of these wastes be avoided
  • Lean manufacturing tools
    • Just In Time(JIT)
    • JIT purchasing
    • JIT Production
    • JIT distribution
    • Work cells
    • Kanban tooling
      • Withdrawal kanban
      • Production kanban
    • Various standardization techniques
    • Correct tooling for the job
    • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
      • Preventive maintenance
      • Corrective maintenance
      • Maintenance prevention
    • Single Minute Die Exchange (SMDE)
  • Lean Manufacturing to Lean Enterprise
  • Advantages of lean manufacturing
  • Why lean is so successful
  • Lean manufacturing for today's world

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